The Five Providences (Installment 7)

The sun is setting now and I’m in a rush to get home. No woman should be in the streets after sundown unless they are interested in receiving…business.

I walk easily through the palace courtyard and through the small sentry door in the side of the wall. I secure my veil and walk with my head down, to not attract attention.

            “You’re cutting it close girl.” I hear the guard say as he playfully nudges me.

            “I know Ilta, but you are always so forgetful and leave the sentry door open.” I wink at him. Ilta is Kalim’s uncle.

            “Oh do I?” He says with a smile. I disappear off down another hallway. Kalim will be upset that I am, in fact, cutting it close. I continue down the labyrinths of hallways and finally make it to my room. I slowly open one of the large cypress doors and tip toe in. Suddenly I feel the neck of my dress yanked harshly back and I turn to see Kalim’s stern face.

            “I thought you weren’t going to be gone all day.” His brows are furrowed. A neurotic giggle escapes me.

            “Sorry?” I ask quietly. He sighs loudly and releases me.

            “Where were you today?”

            “I wanted to get my mind off of last night. I felt like I was suffocating in here.” Kalim would never approve of me visiting the prostitutes. He doesn’t answer. Instead he pushes me further into the room and closes the door the rest of the way and motions for me to hide. I do. There’s a knock at the door and Kalim answers it gracefully.

            “Yes sir?” His voice sounds tight.

            “Lord Jezeb has sent a note.” The servant’s voice quivers.

            “Give it to me.” Kalim says. He receives the note and closes the door and I come out of hiding.

            “I had heard word that he was to come himself to…visit you tonight.” Kalim says unraveling the note. I cringe.

            “Please read it out loud.” I say as I see him grip the paper roughly.

            “It says… ‘Did I not tell you, that you would regret it?'”

            “That’s it?”                          

            “That’s it.” He rips up the note furiously. “I will not let him touch you. On my own head, I will not let him touch you.” Tears rush to my eyes. Jezeb will not leave here until he has gotten what he wants. I am certain of it.


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