The Book of Gateways (Installment 16)

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Chapter 5

We get back to the San Diego shop and Lannah hurries off to help one of the customers waiting by the door. Piers, Desimae, and I are all standing in the book store by the circular desk until Desimae calls Piers down the hall. I try not to be nosy but I decide to take few steps to look in the plants section of the bookstore nearest to the hallway. I pick up a nice book about orchids or something like that and tilt my ear towards the hallway.

            “I don’t know what’s going on, but you are doing the exact same thing your uncle did.” I hear Desimae’s excited voice barely carry down the hall. A faint sigh comes from Piers.

           “Desimae, I told you, once I find out for sure I’ll tell you what’s going on.” His voice is even lower than hers. I lean in closer.

            “When we promised we would figure out the secret it wasn’t to just find out, it was to be a part of it. So if you fully find out then I want in.” I hear her voice become very serious.

            “If and when Des.” I hear a clasping noise which I can only assume is them clasping hands. I start to hear movement so I put my book down and scurry to another aisle.

            “What are you doing?” Piers says poking his head in the aisle as he always does.

            “Oh, hm? I’m just browsing.” I say pretending to look over all the books.

            “You’re browsing ‘Men’s Health’?” He says as his eyebrows bunch up like they do when he’s skeptical.

            “I was hoping to find a…Women’s Health?” I say unable to keep the question out of my voice.

            “Oh… is it that time?” Piers says in an unsure voice. My face immediately bunches up into annoyance.

            “How would that?” I stop talking and rub my face rapidly. I’m too tired for this. Piers tiptoes away. Unbelievable.


I rejoin the group minus Piers by the round desks. It’s quiet although Desimae seems to be enjoying herself as she doodles all over her arms with a sharpie.

            “Where’s Piers?” I ask craning my neck to find him.

            “I think he had to use the restroom. He said you guys were gunna hit the road today and that you guys needed to get home.” Lannah smiles. “It must be rough flying in yesterday and then flying home late tonight.”

            “Oh, ya I’ve flown a lot so it hasn’t been as bad, I think.” I lie and feel guilty.

            “Hey guys.” Piers throws his arm around Desimae. In response she pretends to punch his sides in a rapid fire Street Fighter style. Piers doesn’t flinch. “I miss you guys.” Piers pulls her in for a hug. She doesn’t resist and awkwardly taps his back. Piers then releases her and hugs Lannah. “Good seeing you.” Lannah smiles sweetly.

            “Please be careful.” She says quietly and as she does I see Desimae nod slightly in agreement.

            “Oh I am careful.” Piers smiles as he always does. It’s amazing how unwavering he is. I would have no idea he was lying about all this if I wasn’t a part of it. I have a feeling the only reason they know something is up is because it mirrors the same activity Milo used to do. I feel my expression start to droop so I pull myself from my thoughts and put on my best smile.


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